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Vol.9 Autumn 2010 (Page 8-1)
What We’re Reading(from May to July 2010)
These totals are based on sales records from eight major bookstores and three online bookstores from May to July 2010, provided by the Korean Publishers.
The books are introduced in no particular order.


Somewhere There’s a Phone Ringing for Me
Shin Kyung-sook Munhakdongne Publishing Corp., 2010, 380p ISBN 9788954611275
A new novel by Shin Kyung-sook, a major woman writer of Korea. Set in the 1980s, during which the anti-government student movement reached its pinnacle, the novel deals with the confusion, despair, wounds, and love experienced by four students.

Dreams of Gangnam
Hwang Sok-yong, Changbi Publishers, Inc. 2010, 380p, ISBN 9788936433765
A novel delving into the shadow of capitalism in Korea, which saw rapid growth in a short period of time, by examining the lives of people who live in the Gangnam area. The novel is based on the collapse of a large department store in Seoul, which occurred in 1995.

The Big Picture
Douglas Kennedy, Balgeunsesang 2010, 492p, ISBN 9788984371026
A thriller by Douglas Kennedy, a U.S.-born author that spends most of his time in England. The novel focuses on the story of a man who was pressured by his parents into becoming a lawyer when his dream had always been to be a photographer. In a fit of rage, he kills a photographer who is having an affair with his wife, and from there, the story unfolds.

Et Après…
Guillaume Musso, Balgeunsesang 2010, 424p, ISBN 9788984371019
The novel that raised the French author, who is more popular in Korea than in France, to stardom. Written around the theme of attachment to life, the novel tells the story of Nathan, a lawyer who loses his son. He transforms into a believer of success, then loses his wife, who has a doctor, a “messenger,” foretell his death.

Breaking Dawn: The Twilight Saga, Book 4
Stephenie Meyer, Bookfolio Co. 2009, 824p, ISBN 9788937832543
The last book in the Twilight Saga, a suspense-filled romance framed around the love between a vampire and a human.

The Rules of a Detective
Higashino Keigo, Jaein 2010, 372p, ISBN 9788990982377
An omnibus novel about a cop and a detective solving 12 murder cases based on variations of typical tricks often employed in mysteries. The novel was made into a TV series in Japan in 2009.

Please Look After Mom
Shin Kyung-sook, Changbi Publishers, Inc. 2008, 299p, ISBN 9788936433673
A novel told through alternating perspectives of different family members about the disappearance of “Mom,” who comes from a rural town up to Seoul. Over a million copies were sold within the first 10 months after its publication.
Dreams of Gangnam
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