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Vol.14 Winter
Publishing Trends
  [Fiction] When LiteratureMeets Film
  [Nonfiction] Korean Youth Reshapes Publishing Market
  [Children's Books] Kids Get Back to Nature
Trade Report
  Quality Content Expands Readership Overseas:Comics and Illust...
  What We’re Reading(from August to October 2011)
Steady Sellers
  I Have the Right to Destroy Myself
  My Classmate Young-dae
  [Fiction] Mr. Monorail
  [Fiction] An Affair, of No One
  [Fiction] South Gate
  [Fiction] A Contrived World
  [Fiction] The Hint Is “Brother-in-law”
  [Fiction] Divine Orbit, Vols. 1 & 2
  [Fiction] Seven Cat Eyes
  [Fiction] Snake
  [Fiction] The History of the Hamburger that Was Nothing to Anyone
  [Fiction] The User Manual for Cheol-su
  [Fiction] Good-bye, Mazinger
  [Nonfiction] The Art of Apology
  [Nonfiction] Resilience
  [Nonfiction] Child's Self Esteem
  [Nonfiction] Anxious Mother and Indifferent Father
  [Nonfiction] Practice of Philosophy
  [Nonfiction] Time to Think Philosophically
  [Nonfiction] Husband and Wife
  [Nonfiction] Journey to Jeju Island
  [Nonfiction] On Young Adult Literature
  [Children’s Books] Red String
  [Children’s Books] Dinosaur Warrior Bean
  [Children’s Books] Grandma Gam’s Wonderful Bag of Stories
  [Children's Books] Chaekssitgi Day
  [Children's Books] My Best Friend
  [Children's Books] I, b and Book
  [Children's Books] Five Days of That Summer
Overseas Angle
  Den gamla trädgården
Theme Lounge
  Youth-Waiting for Your Time to Bloom
Special Section
  Redefining the Real Korean Wave
  Digital Paradigms Changing the Face of Korean Pop Culture
  From Print to Screenand Back Again
  K-Pop: From Gayo to Global
  The Korean Film Industry Makes Waves
  Rediscovering Korea’s Literary Giant  Novelist Yi Mun-yol
  One Writer’s Life Novelist Kim In-sook
  An Anonymous Island
  Bye, Elena
The Place
  Korea’s Best-loved Book Festivals
Meet the Publisher
  Gimm-young Publishers, Inc.
  Riding the Korean Wave
  The Global Reach of Korean Literature
Writer's Note
  Enjoying Korean and Australian Cultural Differences
News from LTI Korea
  KLTI Holds Forums in China, Japan, and the U.S.
  KLTI Events in Germany
New Books
  Recommended by Publishers
New Writing from Korea
  Together with a Chicken*