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Vol.16 Summer
Publishing Trends
  [Fiction] Raconteurs of Korean Lit Return
  [Nonfiction] Alternatives to Neoliberalism
  [Children's Books] Schools Tell Stories
Trade Report
  Korean Nonfiction Sweeps Japan
  Korea’s Modern History Epic
  What We’re Reading(from January to March 2012)
Steady Sellers
  In This Earth and In That Wind
  My Sister, Mongsil
  [Fiction] A Wanderer
  [Fiction] All About My Romance
  [Fiction] Wonder Boy
  [Fiction] I Hear Your Voice
  [Fiction] Pretending to Exist, Not to Exist
  [Fiction] My Left Hand Is the King and My Right Hand Is His Sc...
  [Fiction] Into the World of Passi
  [Nonfiction] Forgotten Questions That Will Pump Up the Heart
  [Nonfiction] Something Special for Men
  [Nonfiction] Still Dreaming Of Striking Gold?
  [Nonfiction] Social Capital
  [Nonfiction] People Hurt
  [Nonfiction] Sometimes Sane
  [Nonfiction] Philosophize!
  [Nonfiction] Power and Human Nature:Prince Sado and the Royal ...
  [Nonfiction] Dark Land, Bright Hope
  [Nonfiction] Aim for Fashion with Passion from the Runway
  [Nonfiction] Darwinian Intelligence
  [Nonfiction] The DIY Guide to Social Media Marketing
  [Nonfiction] Making the Right Economic Choice:Neoliberalism Ve...
  [Nonfiction] Master of the Trade
  [Nonfiction] Seoul Noodle Road
  [Nonfiction] In the Beginning, There Was Alcohol
  [Nonfiction] Stress in Children
  [Nonfiction] A Child's Emotional Intelligence
  [Nonfiction] Cheese in the Trap, Season 1
  [Children's Books] A Town Hidden from the Map
  [Children's Books] Witch Capsule's Abracadabra Pharmacy
  [Children’s Books] The Thirteenth Child
  [Children's Books] I’m Going to Become a Witch
  [Children's Books] The Nari Elementary School Scandal
Overseas Angle
  Between Korea and France: Adventures in Literatures
Theme Lounge
  The Fight for HumanRights that Impressedthe World
Special Section
  Korean History and Storytelling:From Fiction to Television Dr...
  Korean History and Storytelling:A Child's ImaginationFrom Did...
  Korean History and Storytelling:Contemporary Novelists Shed t...
  Korean History and Storytelling:Contextualizing the PastHisto...
  A Scholar of All SeasonsJung Min, Professor of Humanities
  Between the Inside and the Outside Novelist Jung Yi-hyun
  A Life-Changing Encounter: Jeong Yak-yong and His Pupil Hwang...
  What You Never Knowby Jung Yi-hyun
The Place
  Jeonju HanjiThirteen Ways of Looking at Jeonju Hanji
Meet the Publisher
  HyeonamsaPublishing Co., Ltd.
  History As Storyteller
  Korea: Past and Present
Writer's Note
  Bologna:A City Blooming with Books
News from LTI Korea
  LTI Korea Revisits the Bologna Children’s Book Fair
New Books
  Recommendedby Publishers
New Writing from Korea
  Banner*A story by Ha Seong-nan
Featured Authors
  Featured Authors