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Vol.18 Winter
Publishing Trends
  [Fiction] Established Authors Shine
  [Nonfiction] Implications of Critical Biography Boom
  [Children's Books] Reflections on Family Violence
Trade Report
  Princess Deokhye To Be Published in Japanese
  Jeong You-jeong’s Seven Years of Darkness To Be Published in ...
  What We’re Reading(from July to September 2012)
Steady Sellers
  Dragon Raja (8 Vols.)
  Love of a One-Eyed Fish
  [Fiction] Vapor Trail
  [Fiction] The Sphinx Does Not Know Either
  [Fiction] Minimal Love
  [Fiction] The Investigator (2 Vols.)
  [Fiction] They Went to the Forest in the West
  [Fiction] Love Runs
  [Fiction] Decoy
  [Nonfiction] The Map: A Record of Civilization
  [Nonfiction] Ladies of Myeongdong: The Birth of the Modern& Co...
  [Nonfiction] Crime Fiction
  [Nonfiction] Death
  [Nonfiction] Welcome to Theatre
  [Nonfiction] Art Has Changed My Son
  [Nonfiction] The Struggles of a Backstreet CEO
  [Nonfiction] A Primer on the History of the Universe
  [Nonfiction] 12-Month Diary of Forest Observations
  [Nonfiction] All Bodies Are Equal
  [Nonfiction] Have We Become Alienated?
  [Nonfiction] Interior Carpentry Through Recycling
  [Nonfiction] Dieter (3 Vols.)
  [Children's Books] The Bath Fairy
  [Children's Books] It’s OK To Be a Tabby
  [Children's Books] The Dark Restaurant
  [Children's Books] The Dream of Seorabeol
  [Children's Books] Millions of Excuses
  [Children's Books] Confectionery House
  [Children's Books] The Legend of Our Town
Overseas Angle
  My Approach to Studying, Writing, and Teaching Korean Poetry
  Kim Sung-ok: A Literature of and for the Self
Theme Lounge
  PSY, Horse Dancing with the World
Special Section
  Creating the World in Korean Literature Imagining America and...
  Creating the World in Korean Literature European Cities Reima...
  Creating the World in Korean Literature Reflections of Korea’...
  Creating the World in Korean Literature Beyond Exoticism:the ...
  A Distinguished Man of Letters Kim Byong-ik
  In Defense of Philosophy Kang Shin-joo, Philosopher
  An Interview with Guy Sorman and Kim Seong-Kon
  Still, Literature Must Go On by Kim Byong-ik
  Philosophy VS Philosophy by Kang Shin-joo
The Place
  The Secret of Suncheon Bay
Meet the Publisher
  Yolimwon Publishing Co.
  Korean Literature Travels the World
  Looking Outwards
News from LTI Korea
  LTI Korea Hosts 2012 Seoul International Writers’ Festival
New Books
  Recommended by Publishers
New Writing from Korea
  A Trip to Mujin A story by Kim Sung-ok
Featured Authors
  Featured Authors