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About Us

About Us

Who are making list_Books from Korea?

LTI Korea (Literature Translation Institute of Korea) is a public agency affiliated with the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, and its key mission is to contribute to global culture by expanding the knowledge of Korean literature and culture abroad. In a bid to share Korean literature with readers around the world, LTI Korea is running dedicated support programs for translation and publication, and foster translators specializing in Korean literature. Meanwhile, LTI Korea is implementing exchange programs with foreign literary communities to set up an international network and carrying out projects such as policy research on translation and academic forums.
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list_Books from Korea is a quarterly magazine which introduces Korean books to overseas publishers. Launched in 2008, the magazine provides content in consultation with the Editing Advisory Committee, a body made up of experts including publishing critics, literary critics, specialists in children’s literature and journalists in charge of publishing. Specialists from publishing agencies and foreign professors and teachers involved in Korean studies and Korean literature also contribute to the magazine. Published in English and Chinese, list_Books from Korea features timely articles in consideration of major international book fairs (Bologna Children’s Books, Frankfurt Book Fair, Beijing Book Fair and Guadalajara International Book Fair). The magazine is distributed on a regular basis to publishing agencies both at home and abroad, education institutions offering Korean studies classes and international exchange agencies.

About This Site

All the information presented on the site is based on the content of the offline magazine, list_Books from Korea, and articles are largely divided into three categories.

    • Book reviews (Bestsellers, Steady Sellers, Reviews, Recommended by Publishers)
    • Features (Special Section, Interview, The Place, Theme Lounge, Writer’s Note, Overseas Angle)
    • Publishing articles (Publishing Trends, Copyright News, Meet the Publisher)

All the articles can be shared via email or social network services. Mobile app for iPad is also available. For those who want information about Korean books more often, please subscribe to a monthly online newsletter,plus list_Books from Korea.